What is an event?

In simple terms, think 'Wedding List' or 'Gift Registry'. The event system allows you to create events to which you attach wishlists and invite friends or relatives to purchase from the list of products that you have specified. You can specify a timeframe for the event and choose who to invite - all invitees receive personal email invitations with a link to your event.

Public vs Private Events:

All visitors to the website can see a list of all events, but only those people that have been emailed a link to a private event will be able to view it. Everyone can view Public events.

Enabled vs Disabled Events:

Enabled events can be viewed and show up in the events list, Disabled events can't be viewed and do not show up in the events list.

Adding Products:

Once you have created your event here, you can then edit your event and add products or browse our catalog and add prodcuts to your event directly from the product information page using the 'Add to Event' link.

Create your own event

Events meeting the search criteria

Title Start Date End Date Status Type Action
Event One 2015-07-30 2015-08-08 Finsished Private View Event
Mark's test list 2015-08-01 2015-08-08 Finsished Private View Event