Welcome to Emily Jolie

We are very proud to open the e-doors to Emily Jolie ! We think children are the best ever gift in the world and we would be honoured to share a bit of that parental journey with you.

Here you will find products that are mostly organic & natural, colourful, useful and unique.

Wherever possible we source items that have been made respectfully of the environment and of the working communities involved.

We support companies with ethical standards and we also try to support UK small businesses as much as we can.

But one thing our products all have in common; they are all of premium quality.

Whether you are expecting or are just getting to know your new baby, or if you're a parent with toddlers or a grandparent wishing to spoil your family, you will find something here for every budget and every occasion.

We have toys, baby accessories, gifts, skincare, clothes and much more. And when it comes to clothes, who said organic cotton is beige and boring ??

Mind your eyes when you check our range of baby/kids clothes, as we are bright, bold and colourful !

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Buddy Ball Eva


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