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 This revolutionary device has won 2 major awards and it's hardly surprising. Who has ever been able to relax when taking one or more children to a crowded theme park, a country show, an airport or any other crowded place where you fear for them if you lose sight of them for just a second ? This trendy wristband helps you to keep your children safe by using Bluetooth technology to keep track of the child wearing it and updating their parent on their smartphone app. Buddy Tag and its app are compatible with iPhones running iOS 9 and above and Android devices using Android version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and above.

The distance can be set so that if the child moves a certain distance away from the parent a notification is immediately sent and alarm can be triggered. The BuddyTag and app is extremely easy to use and can be set up quickly and effectively. Also comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

 Key features include:
• Proximity Alert System- When kids are out of proximity an alarm will sound on your phone to alert you. Customize the range according to the size of the venue.
• Panic Button- Located on the wristband, kids can press the button to alert their parents they are in danger.
• Email with Location- Allows parents who have kids on field trips or with a babysitter to view when and where they were last tracked by the app.
• Multiple Connections- Pair several BuddyTags to one phone and customize the name of each to identity the “buddy” you are monitoring.


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